Fruity treats from Nobilis

Nobilis Zrt. is a traditional, family-run Hungarian company whose owners and management have been involved in the production of dried fruits and nuts since 1992. They are the leading producer and exporter of dried apple and cherry products located in the middle of the Carpathian Basin. The Nobilis name has stood for high quality dried fruits for decades and it is their aim to continue along this path, day after day.  

Dried fruits and nuts have always played an important role in our diet. Our body requires their consumption, we need the vitamins and minerals stored in them at every stage of our lives to stay healthy. Through a delicate drying process, all Nobilis products' vitamins and minerals are retained, along with full aroma and flavor.  

The dried apple treats of Nobilis are fun and exciting snacks which also provide a delicious and easy way to support conscious eating habits, whilst contributing to the recommended intake of 5 portions of fruit per day. So far, the most popular product in the company’s portfolio is the light, crunchy apple crisps coated with the finest Belgian milk and dark chocolate from Barry Callebaut; it is undeniably a unique specialty for those of a refined palate seeking new flavors. 

Nobilis not only produces premium quality apple products but other fruits and nut mixes also. No surprise that these treats are very popular as well: the pitted sour or black cherries for instance, are pure, delicious, and can be nutritious additions to countless recipes and blends.