About our traditional and modern Hungarian products

There are many goods and products known globally as Hungarikums, since these items became signatures of Hungarian export over the last decades.  Traditional sweets, smoked salamis and sausages, bacons, dairy- and paprika-products are popular and are in high demand outside of Europe as well: not only as gourmet delicacies but also as a key ingredient in traditional Hungarian dishes, such as fish soup, stuffed cabbage and goulash soup.

Among the traditional products, Hungary has been producing outstanding wines for over a millennium. The country has 22 wine-growing sub-regions categorized into 6 main wine sections. These unique districts offer various styles, including fresh, light, full-bodied, dry whites, complex sweet whites, elegant, full-bodied, robust reds. Hungary is also home to special varieties of wine; some examples include Furmint or Juhfark. It has unique volcanic terroirs such as in Tokaj or Somló and produces wines of historical renown, namely Aszú or Bikavér.

Besides the Hungarikums, as a reflection to the constantly growing health-conscious and sustainability trends, many Hungarian manufacturers have focused their efforts on discovering healthier alternatives and new methods in order to stay competitive in the global market. All of the products in the Hungarian Fine Foods portfolio are carefully selected, are innovative and premium quality. From the protein bars, balsamic vinegars, facial treatments to the natural cleaning products, all items are manufactured in Hungary, following the traditions while aligning fully with the 21st century health and nature focused trends with the highest Canadian and European standards.