5 interesting facts about Primus mineral water


Primus natural mineral water is sourced from ice-age glaciers in the Carpathian Basin, in the heart of Europe and it has been preserved by nature for thousands of years, deep in the ground.

It took 10 years of research for the owner of Primus to find the right spot for the well in Zsámbék (located close to the Hungarian capital, Budapest), which provided him the exceptionally old water locked within the Triassic karst.

The soil layers above the water base, are closely packed together and have special importance; they allowed filtration time to be lengthy and precise. Due to this significant length of time, the minerals in the karst were also dissolved into the purified water.

A recent study confirmed that Primus mineral water is 17400 years old, meaning that the water base was formed at a time when the environment was not polluted by any human activity.



Most of the consumers, tasting Primus for the first time, are highlighting its very soft and silky taste. Some are recalling the childhood experiences they have encountered when they visited their grandparents and relatives in the Hungarian countryside and quenched their thirst with the water of a natural well.

Behind this soft and silky flavor is a significant amount of dissolved minerals (766mg/L), which is ideal for mineral intake, and is a great match for a sodium conscious food culture.



The possibility of extraction from a closed water body source is limited by nature, bottling is only possible by as much as nature allows. For this reason, Primus natural mineral water can never be a mass produced product.



Primus natural mineral water contains valuable minerals such as calcium, magnesium, hydrogen carbonates, sulphates, which all are beneficial to the human body. Since it is a well-protected water base, it does not require any special water treatment (removal of iron, manganese, etc.), which would only degrade its quality; the mineral water is bottled, as it comes to the surface, giving us the opportunity to enjoy a creation of untouched nature.

In order to preserve the original taste and composition of the water base, the producer has used stainless-steel pipes, which provide sufficient assurance that along with careful execution, no dissolution or oxidation will affect the original quality of the mineral water.



Primus mineral water is bottled in 100% recycled PET bottles, which have many advantages: PET bottles protecting the water properly, even when shipped overseas, this also utilizes a safe and modern disinfectant and additive-free technology.

The company manufactures its own bottleson-site, at a temperature of 126 C, which ensures thermal sterilization without involvement of any chemicals.

The Primus bottles are not filled immediately with mineral water, but first cooled on an air conveyor. (As a contrary, cold water filled directly into hot bottles would bind the nano-plastics that would remain in the bottle).

Before filling, manufacturer also rinse the bottles exclusively with mineral water so that not a drop of foreign matter remains in the system. As a final step, the bottles are filled with mineral water in a pressurized HEPA filtered triblock.