ZADOR Fine Bar - Pure Soap, 160g / 5.6oz


The Soft touch of Nature

  • Gentle care even for the most sensitive skin
  • Free from chemicals and fragrances
  • Deep moisturizing Shea butter ingredient
  • Anti-aging active ingredient: Vitamin E
  • With regenerative thermal water from Hévíz
  • Natural soap for all family members
  • Hungarian product
  • Hand wrapped triple-milled soap

The gentle mainstay of clear and flawless skin, closed in a single soap. It does not contain anything that would irritate or dry out your skin, it just gently removes dirt and grease from its surface. ZADOR Pure soap was created for sensitive skin – thanks to its composition, it combines our most natural cleansing ingredients with hypoallergenic, skin-identical lipids.

Thanks to its ingredients, such as the medicinal thermal water of Hévíz, which is also part of the world heritage and its high-quality Shea butter content, ZADOR Pure soothes your skin and helps to restore its radiant beauty. With its everyday use, the skin may regain its natural balance and immunity. The fragrance- and chemical-free natural soap of ZADOR Pure provides the experience of a perfectly fresh and peachy skin! The whole family, from the smallest to the largest, can enjoy the beneficial effects of its sumptuous and creamy foam! Transubstantiate into a perfectly clean world and enjoy the everyday pampering by the most gentle ZADOR soap!

Indulge in the ZADOR experience to refresh your body and soul!

Ingredients: sodium palmate, sodium palm kernelate, aqua, butyrospermum parkii butter, triticum vulgare germ oil, thermal water, glycerin, palm acid, palm kernel acid, sodium chloride, tetrasodium edta, etidronic acid