VINEG'ART Herbs Balsamic Vinegar 200ml


It is well known that apple cider vinegar alone has numerous positive physiological effects. This was taken one step further and various herbs were soaked in the vinegar. Thanks to this, a really great balsamic vinegar has been created, which can be an excellent supplement to many immune-boosting cures. The elderflower flower helps the normal functioning of our respiratory system and has a calming effect. In the same way, lemongrass, which also has a strong calming effect, is also effective in aiding digestion. Thyme is an anti-inflammatory, helps treat sore throats and coughs, and is an immune booster. Soaked in vinegar, these herbs already attract attention with their beneficial effects, and their refreshing, juicy and characteristic taste is enticing to everyone.

Our green herbs balsamic vinegar can be consumed as a cure, drink it every day in the morning with 1-2 tablespoons, dissolved in water. Also excellent as a spice for salads, cheeses and meats.