GRAPOILA Cosmetic Gift Box with Grape Seed Oil


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Contents of the Grape Seed Oil Cosmetic Box: 1 grapeseed oil soap (100 g), 1 lip balm (6 g), 1 grape seed oil mud (120 g).

Grape Seed Oil Soap:

This soap‘s main ingredient is Grapoila’s cold-pressed grape seed oil that helps treat various skin problems in many different ways and completes your vanity kit as a nice luxury item. Its active ingredients can be absorbed easily into the skin, thus facilitating the healing of inflammatory skin problems as well. The soap also contains rosemary extract, whose pleasant scent fits well to that of the grape seed oil coming from selected wine regions. In folk medicine, rosemary extract is also known for its natural anti-inflammatory effect, which makes this soap even more valuable.

Grape Seed Oil Lip Balm:

Grapoila’s lip balm is made of natural ingredients only providing care at any conditions. The main component, the grape seed oil is a very precious oil with high antioxidant (Resveratrol), linoleic acid and polyphenol content. Mixed with high quality, Spanish extra virgin olive oil, shea butter and cocoa butter it nourishes, hydrates and protects the lips sensitive skin.

Grape Seed Oil Mud:

Due to its high vitamin E content, grape seed oil mud nurtures and regenerates the skin. It has a scrubbing effect and can therefore be successfully used on cellulitis as well. It is suitable for cosmetic use, either on its own or as an additive.

We recommend it to be used on normal skin.