7 Creative Ways to Use Nut Butters

Spread it around: nut butters are a great way to add nutrition and flavor to plant-based recipes. Nuts may be high in fat, but not only are they healthy fats, but they also contain a lot of nutritional benefits. They are energy and brain power boosters and can aid in weight loss and helps with memory impairment.

  1. In soups

Just a small amount of nut butter can add a creamy richness to soups such as a pumpkin-pecan soup with pecan butter croutons or artichoke-walnut butter bisque.

  1. In sauces

Nut butters can be used in a wide variety of sauces to top vegetables, pasta, or your favorite plant-based protein. Try penne with an avocado-cashew cream, or slather some pecan butter sauce over a baked sweet potato.

  1. In smoothies

A spoonful of nut butter adds protein and flavor to your morning smoothie. Create refreshing and creamy treats such as a cashew-pineapple smoothie or maybe an almond butter-banana shake.

  1. In spreads & dips

Instead of the familiar tahini-based hummus, try something different like garbanzo beans blended with almond butter. Use walnut butter to make spinach-walnut crostinis as an appetizer, or combine cashew butter with artichokes for a luscious artichoke-cashew dip.

  1. At breakfast

Swirl some almond butter or walnut butter into your morning oatmeal or add nut butter to a batch of muffins. On the weekend, treat yourself to some maple-pecan butter waffles with pecan maple syrup or a stack of apple-almond butter pancakes.

  1. In desserts

Sure, we all know about peanut butter cookies and peanut butter pie, but other nut butters can also do dessert deliciously. Make a simple pecan butter topping for ice cream or a dazzling chocolate-almond butter cheesecake. Or make an apple-walnut butter crumble, or swirl your favorite nut butter into a batch of brownie batter for added decadence.

  1. And, of course, in sandwiches

Move beyond the classic PB&J with winning sandwich options such as roasted eggplant pita with garlicky lemon-walnut sauce, peach-almond butter quesadillas, or Thai tofu-vegetable wraps with a hazelnut drizzle.

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